In this masterclass I will outline the exact steps to go from idea to "ping you've made a sale" and make your first $1000 before you even wake up for the day!

You will learn how to:

✔ HOW TO TURN YOUR KNOWLEDGE INTO PROFIT, THE AUTOMATED WAY- How I figured out what knowledge was easy to sell and a no brainer for my clients to want to buy.

✔ HOW I ATTRACTED DREAM CLIENTS TO MY OFFERS CONSISTENTLY, WITHOUT THE DAILY GRIND ON SOCIAL MEDIA- how I identified the messaging that magnetized dream clients to my offer and created a marketing flow to my offer that equated to high conversions.

✔ HOW TO AUTOMATE THE MARKETING FLOW - How I set up my systems and my structure to sell over 11,000 spots to a course I created and how I created more courses to sell with little time and energy.


In 2016 I sold my first program that I turned into an evergreen course. I remember walking across the street with a fresh coffee and "ping" my phone went off. A notification of a website sale- aka my first passive course sale.

Fast forward to 2018 I launched my first signature money mindset course that now has over 11,310 students inside.

At first what stopped me was the tech, wondering if people would buy a self study course from me, and then wondering and feeling overwhelmed with how I would scale it. 

After many launches (successful and flopped) I am here to share my secrets with you around selling in a simple, repeatable way that feels exciting and alive, even after 5 years.

There is nothing more powerful than seeing my calendar transform from being booked with 1:1 calls with clients to A LOT of white space while making 5X more than working 1:1. Now, I am here to teach you how to do the same!