Reclaim Your Period & Reconnect To Your Pussy With These 2 Rituals

business connection period Aug 29, 2021

In ancient times, women of a tribe or community would gather together during their bleed to support one another. However in today’s modern world, most of us have become desensitized and disconnected from our bodies by use of synthetic hormones and perfumes, invasive birth control methods and media manipulation which have incrementally separated us from our innate wisdom and intuition.


But Truth can only be suppressed so long. The reality is that there’s a mass spiritual awakening occurring, and together we’re ushering in a new paradigm not just for conscious female entrepreneurship, but true conscious leadership in all areas of our lives including health, romance and business. 


Here’s our 2 favorite rituals for deepening the relationship you have with your body, blood and the inner knowings that reside within you during this time of the month:

Ritual 1 - Give Your Blood To The Earth. 


What you’ll need:


  • Menstrual Cup (Most grocery stores, drug stores, and health food stores now carry Diva Cups
  • Smaller mason jar to keep in the bathroom


What to do:


Each time you remove the cup, pour your blood into the jar. Do this for the entire duration of your period. Then, go out in your garden or in nature and give your blood to the earth. Another popular option is pouring your blood into your houseplants. We suggest adding water to the mix to get a larger distribution. 


An important distinction to make here is that you don’t want to be pouring your blood into flowing water (rivers, lakes or the ocean) as this separates and fragments your energy. So make specifically sure it’s going into the earth, aka dirt, plants and the ground.


Using a Menstrual Cup and collecting your blood is also the best way to observe the quality of your blood (aka your feminine health.)


Healthy Menstrual Blood Looks:


  • Bright cherry red in colour 
  • Smooth in consistency (no clots)
  • 4-7 days of bleed time (not shorter or longer)
  • Strong flow but not too much where you’re in the bathroom every hour

“When your menstrual flow is heavier, blood clots tend to be bigger because there's a larger amount of blood sitting in the uterus. In order to pass large blood clots, the cervix has to dilate a bit, causing pain that can be quite intense.” - 


Journal Prompts To Go Deeper:

  • Where did you feel emotional pain this past cycle?
  • Have you processed it?
  • How is your blood mirroring your emotional well being?

The connection you feel to your feminine energy and with mother Gaia herself as a result of this practice will be immediately palpable. Expect to feel more confident, more connected and more grounded in who you truly are. 

Ritual 2 | Have A Conversation With Your Womb

Being in constant dialogue with your womb is the long term goal here and the easiest way to begin is on the first day of your bleed. 

Here’s How To Do It:

Placing your left palm on your lower belly. It should be halfway between your belly button and pussy. This is also known as your Sacral Chakra. 

Ask her:

  • How are you really feeling?
  • What do you need from me today?
  • How can I listen to you better?
  • How can I honour you more deeply?
  • What messages do you have for me?
  • What are we letting go of?

As you read these questions, you can see how they have the same loving, emotional quality you would want from your romantic partner. As you facilitate this inner dialogue with yourself, allow your womb to surrender into the feminine polarity of this sacred relationship. As you ask your womb these questions, you can imagine that your mind is the masculine essence holding space for her. 

By strengthening this connection with your own inner feminine and masculine, you’ll begin to notice this beautiful, high-level conscious communication style overlap into both your romantic relationships and professional ones. We love a good win-win!

Feeling inspired to continue along this journey with us? We’d love to teach you more about the Cyclical Living Lifestyle! Click here to watch our Free Masterclass.


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