3 Ways Conscious Female Entrepreneurs Run Their Businesses Differently & How You Can Too

How would it feel to have a deeper feminine faith in the way you run your business? Knowing that everything will get done, you can work on the projects that inspire you, and you can trust your intuition to guide the process?

Here at Cyclical Living, we’re a community of conscious female entrepreneurs who believe that alignment is everything, and today we’re sharing the 3 ways our community & clients run their businesses differently and how you can too:


#3 | She Meditates First & Strategizes After

Alignment is everything. And the Conscious Female Entrepreneur knows that when her business decisions are backed with the right energy, her desires come into form way faster. It’s truly about getting into alignment with what your soul wants to offer rather than what the industry standard is. So before you do anything, whether it’s something bigger like launching your next course or high level 1:1 offering, or something as simple as making your next insta post - get your booty down in meditation. 


Put one hand on your heart and one hand on your sacral chakra (your womb space) and ask her:


What do you really want to create?
What’s on your heart to share today?
How do you desire to teach and serve and express your talents?

#2 | She Uses Astrology To Line Up With Her Inevitable Success

It can be easy to feel like our business should be structured just like someone else we admire in our industry. But this can cause us to spin our wheels and get stuck in constant comparison mode. Not fun. 


If you want to dive into next level business mastery - check out which signs the 2nd, 6th, & 10th houses of your chart fall in. These represent the money and work sectors of our natal chart, meaning when you know them, you can leverage the qualities of those signs to bring in more cash money in a way that’s totally fulfilling - and feels like a lot less work.

#1 | She Synchronizes Her Business Schedule To Her Period Cycle

Most women know they don’t feel super lit up and energized on their period, and tend to let themselves relax a bit here. But there’s actually 3 other phases in our 28 day cycle that we can leverage in our business, each with their own unique energy. These are Follicular, Ovulation and Luteal phases. 


The Follicular phase of our cycle supports creativity and confidence, meaning this early time of the month is best for starting new projects. Ovulation (around day 14) is where we can optimize the most radiant phase of our cycle with tasks that require a lot of energy or visual appearances like photoshoots and interviews. And the final stage of our cycle is called the Luteal phase which is all about completion, organization and being in that beautiful feminine receiving energy.


The conscious female entrepreneur doesn’t paddle upstream, because she knows that’s not how to create from the quantum field. Instead she communicates consistently with her body and builds a schedule that supports all facets of her. 


Are you ready to dive deeper into Conscious Female Entrepreneurship and synchronize your business schedule with your period cycle? Click here to join our free Masterclass 


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