Review, Edit & Refine Your Business During THIS Phase Of Your Period Cycle

Do you ever get to a point in the month when you start feeling agitated about your business? On one hand you’re feeling stoked and proud of yourself because you just spent the last couple weeks getting so much done. But now you feel exhausted and frustrated because you realize you can’t sustain that pace all the time, and so you start spiralling into self criticism. 


Your inner dialogue might go something like this:


Wtf is wrong with me?
Why can’t I seem to figure this out?
Maybe I’m not cut out for this…
This is way too tiring trying to be ‘on’ all the time. 


Here’s the thing. You’ve just spent the first couple weeks of your period cycle in the Follicular & Ovulation Phases. So it was natural and easy to feel super creative, to show up online consistently and to overflow all your juicy content to your audience. 


But moving into your next phase, it’s a totally different vibe. 


If you’re tracking your cycle, you’ll notice these thoughts come in around days 17 - 19. But what if I told you this time of the month wasn’t a curse to take you out, but actually one of the most powerful points in your cycle filled with untapped potential? 


Welcome to your Luteal Phase - A time for editing, refining, organizing and completion. In other words, this is the Marie Kondo phase of your cycle. 


The Luteal Phase happens between Ovulation and your period, and lasts between 10 - 14 days. This is where you’ll start getting intuitive nudges of what needs to change, and what you’ll need to let go of in order to make your biz feel even easier and more streamlined. 


Think of it this way:

You’re not gonna want to go shopping for that stylish, sexy new wardrobe while your closet is still jam packed with the old stuff. Instead, you’ll want to remove the pieces that clearly aren’t working first. Good thing for us women, we’re biologically wired to have this check in with our business every single month. 


What To Do During Your Luteal Phase:

  • Review client contracts
  • Empty your inbox
  • Declutter your website, social feed & desk
  • Energetically hold space for the thing you just launched
  • Make a list of all the future things you’re feeling called to do, so your mind has plenty of white space going into your bleed. 


Questions To Ask Yourself:

  • What about this (any aspect of your biz that’s feeling off) isn’t working? 
  • What are the current energy leaks? 
  • What do I need to finish up, so I can go into my bleed with a clean slate?


What happens when you don't do this simple monthly business audit? 

  • Your confidence will suffer 
  • Your inner critic starts running the show
  • You’ll feel stressed out - which will inevitably overlap into other areas of your life, like relationships and health
  • PMS, anger and aggravation 
  • Feeling even more vulnerable about what you just shared or launched

Want to learn more about how to master the energy of each phase of your cycle so your business can grow and expand with more ease? Click here to watch our free Masterclass!


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