Feminine Energy & Masculine Strategy: The Architecture & Design of a Balanced Business

If you’re in the conscious relationship space in any capacity you’ve probably heard some buzz phrases like feminine / masculine energy and polarity. This is essentially the yin yang of relationships, which isn’t only relevant in our romantic lives, it’s also present in our businesses. 


The dilemma for the female entrepreneur is that she often spends too much time in masculine mode. This is normal because business (especially entrepreneurship with it’s many moving parts) takes a lot of mental capacity, which is a masculine trait. 


Running a remote business takes a lot of technical skill (again masculine) and it takes time to learn those parts. Building the websites, editing the videos, formatting the sales copy. 


This is the foundation. The Structure. The Architecture.


So take a moment to celebrate yourself. You’ve come so far! And the hardest part - the heavy lifting, is over. Now it’s time to slip...

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