3 Ways To Get Your Business Feeling Aligned AF So You Can Expand With Ease

As a female entrepreneur it can be overwhelming with all the business tasks that constantly need attention. Here’s three ways to leave anxiety at the door and shift to a more peaceful, relaxed & inspiring way to run your business: 

#3 | Get A System In Place To Support All The Moving Parts

There’s plenty of pieces in business that need our attention. Clients, content creation, planning our next launch, doing interviews and marketing, and what our next growth strategies are for social media. When there’s a lot of things to manage and make space for, it’s key to have a supportive masculine system (think calendars & schedules) in our business to allow for the fun, creative feminine energy to come out and work her magic.  

Biz Alignment Prompts: What do I actually want to be doing? What would it look like if it was easy? What can I outsource here? How can I be more effective at batching my content on certain days of the month? 

#2 |...

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Reclaim Your Period & Reconnect To Your Pussy With These 2 Rituals

business connection period Aug 29, 2021

In ancient times, women of a tribe or community would gather together during their bleed to support one another. However in today’s modern world, most of us have become desensitized and disconnected from our bodies by use of synthetic hormones and perfumes, invasive birth control methods and media manipulation which have incrementally separated us from our innate wisdom and intuition.


But Truth can only be suppressed so long. The reality is that there’s a mass spiritual awakening occurring, and together we’re ushering in a new paradigm not just for conscious female entrepreneurship, but true conscious leadership in all areas of our lives including health, romance and business. 


Here’s our 2 favorite rituals for deepening the relationship you have with your body, blood and the inner knowings that reside within you during this time of the month:

Ritual 1 - Give Your Blood To The Earth. 


What you’ll need:


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