Are you wondering how to increase your productivity and energy in your business without adding more onto your calendar?


Let me Guess..

You desire to grow your business in a way that supports your fluctuating energy.

You sometimes wonder how you can grow without adding more hours onto your schedule?

You wonder how you will have the capacity to show up in your business while you figure out the next level of growth your are experiencing?

You desire to break free from the masculine approach in business & tap deeper into your intuitive feminine nature?

If so,

You’ve landed in the right place. 

What I’m here to teach you will revolutionize your life, 

your business,

& your bank account.

Here’s the thing.

Most women try to produce and be ON everyday in their business.
But you are cyclical.
You experience ebb and flow from week to week and being ON all the time simply isn't the way you’re built. 


 As women, our moods and energy levels fluctuate a lot during the month. 


But our society was built off the 24 hour clock where you wake up. Get up. Produce. Eat. Sleep.
Rinse and repeat.


 The secret power to the successful woman
you adore?

It’s in her Cycle.

Because she finally leaned back and said, ‘Nahh no more thank you’ to grinding away and disregarding her bodies brilliance .'


As women we’ve been designed with a 28~ day rhythm. (or 30ish day depending on your cycle length)

You might only think about your ‘cycle’ as your period,
but it’s actually SO much more than that.

Your cycle has different energies each week, and when a woman structures her business based on this 28~ day cycle, she works less, creates more, and has the energetic capacity to fulfill her wildest dreams as a powerful entrepreneur.

You are ready to...

 ðŸŒ¹ Step into a schedule where scaling your business doesn’t require extra energy being taken away from you?

🌹 Have more clarity on when exactly to schedule your marketing, launches, client sessions, and admin tasks for optimal performance and growth?

🌹 Learn the ins and outs of your cycle and finally understand the way your body is communicating with you?

🌹 Say sayonara to stress, burnout, painful periods and helllloooo to ease, flow, and a deeper level of self trust in your business?

🌹 Sync your calendar to your cycle and revolutionize the way you work?

🌹 And STOP fearing this powerful feminine energy you carry - because yes, society has taught us to shove this away and hide it? 

But there’s something in the way of you fully believing you’re capable and allowed to create a schedule that honours more playtime and white space for new projects to be conceived. 


A schedule that allows you to actually take the week of your period off (if you want) without feeling guilty or ashamed and knowing that your business is actually set up for that. 


 You know working the whole 5 days a week, 9-5's and linear timelines doesn’t feel good anymore. This isn’t why you started your business in the first place, and you know in your heart it’s not the way you desire to scale this feminine empire you’re designing.


But you think - isn’t that just part of reality?

I would love to introduce you to...


the first system on the market that takes your business tasks and aligns them with your menstrual cycle phases. This means that you can be more efficient and productive without adding more time to your calendar or burning out from being "on" all the time.

Full Body YES, I'm In!!!


It's time to reclaim your business. And cycle. Together. Working as one unified system.

This is about learning how to interpret the cues of your body and understand what it’s communicating to you from phase to phase.

Phase to Phase?

Yes, you’ve got phases.

Just like the seasons, just like the moon, and if you’re still thinking linearly - just like Q 1 to Q 4.

We weren’t built to operate ONLY in masculine energy allllll the time. And as you’ve more than likely already discovered, the only thing this results in is burnout.

The reality is; you just don’t have the same level of motivation every 24 hours. 

That’s why we're breaking the rules of ‘performance culture’ in entrepreneurship and teaching you how to tap into your unique flow.

This means: No more working against your energy. Instead, we’re showing you how to work with it. 

 You'll learn exactly which business tasks are best suited for each phase of your cycle and the benefits of doing them during that time. It's like biohacking your business to give you the energy and focus you need to scale without sacrificing your well-being.

And best of all, you'll be healing your relationship with your menstrual cycle and embracing your cyclical nature, instead of fighting against it in a masculine 9-5 business model.

Because when you pair your already incredible business strategy with the power of your period cycle - you effortlessly expand your business than ever before.


 If this is you, then it’s time to shift the way you plan to scale by applying the Cycle Your Business framework so you know EXACTLY when to market, create content and make space to receive all those intuitive downloads for your next big launch!


The Cyclical Calendar Will Change The Way You Structure Your Business - Forever  

Because within each phase of your cycle there’s a certain way to plan out your daily schedule, quarters, launches, and so much more - to AMPLIFY your magnetic energy. 

I'm In!

Instant Access to:

MODULE 1 - Track Your Cycle
It is important to understand your cycle and everything it is communicating with you.  In this module, you will uncover your cycle story and any imbalances that are preventing you from tapping into your period power.  This is the foundational step for applying the framework that will take you from working every day on autopilot to living and breathing your cyclical superpowers.


MODULE 2 - Merging Your Business With Your Cycle
In this training you’ll learn the 4 step method for syncing your period cycle to your already established business strategy. This is where you’ll break the paradigm of working on a 24 hour schedule and start tapping into a 28 day work flow to support your next level business goals with ease. 


MODULE 3 - Follicular Phase | Creativity and Confidence 
Here you’ll learn all about Phase 1 of your cycle. This is the time of the month to start new projects and have the support of your strategic mind to see what needs to get done to make it all come to life. 


MODULE 4 - Ovulation Phase | In The Spotlight
Welcome to Phase 2. Here you’ll learn how to optimize the most radiant phase of your period cycle with tasks that require a lot of energy or visual appearances like photoshoots and interviews. 


MODULE 5 - Luteal Phase | Complete, Organize & Receive 
In this module you’ll learn how to structure your schedule based on the completion phase where your energy is best used to tie up loose ends, complete projects, and organize your systems and projects to set yourself up for success in the next 28 day cycle. 


MODULE 6 - Bleed Phase | Reflect, Rest & Go Inward
Here you’ll learn why it’s so energetically (and financially) important to the well being of your business to take this time off. It’s all about taking the space to actually hear your intuition, listening to what that inner guidance is nudging you toward next, and accessing deeper levels of knowing.



5 Guided Meditations to energetically sync you into a deeper relationship with your cycle.

1 Initiation Soundscape to heal your cycle story to access more wisdom.

1 Embodiment Training to connect you with your pussy & period.

Workbooks For Each Phase of Your Cycle.

Online Calendar System that seamlessly syncs with your already existing calendar!


* NEW* Hormonal Health Training COMING SOON


Cosmic Copywriting Taiha Lee Perron (20 Minutes)
Taiha is an Author, Entrepreneur, Spiritual Strategist & Celebrity Ghost Writer. Through her unique writing process, Taiha uses her background in spiritual & psychic development to take clients into meditative states where content is literally channelled through on each call. Here you’ll learn Taiha’s signature 5 Step system for channeling content & connecting with your ideal clients!

BONUS: Lunar & Business Training (Recorded Live - 30 Minutes)
Another way we can connect with our cyclical nature is through the lunar phases. This training will share how you can tap into your cyclical nature through nature. 


BONUS: Moon Phase Business Training (10 Minutes)
This mini training will teach you each moon phase and how it correlates to your cycle.

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Side Effects of working with your cycle vs. against it:

✔️ Know what to schedule when… the marketing, the social media, the podcast interviews, the launch plans. It’s all inside CYBA

✔️ More sales, more easily

✔️ Confidence & Trust knowing you’re capable of sustaining that next level of success

✔️ Accessing YOUR unique business strategy

✔️ Burn out? Not a thing.

✔️ Less “launch recoup time”

✔️ Increased productivity without sacrificing your ME time

✔️ And, a deeper connection to yourself than you ever imagined possible.

Now’s the time to lean into yourself.
Lean into your cycle.
Leverage your natural rhythm.
Toss out the old linear way of doing business.
And fully integrate this understanding.

A womb-coming!


 This is about exploring your cycle.
Aligning it with your business.
Executing in a way that’s unique to you.
And tweaking along the way
as you begin to fully embody this lifestyle.

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 We know where you’re at.
Because we’ve been there too. 


You're rocking it in business but you’re trying to figure out,
"How can I scale without adding to my schedule?"
and "If I do scale, will I have the energy to sustain it? 


You feel a sense of pressure & obligation to be available all the time to your clients , team, or tasks.

You’re struggling to really rest and surrender while you bleed,
and most often you still push yourself to work through it. 

And even though you do - waves of guilt and shame still surge through your nervous system because you know you’re not able to produce as much as you did the previous day or week.

Full Body Yes, I am In!

 Brittany is the founder of luxurious, spiritually rooted Cyclical Living. A lifestyle brand for female entrepreneurs that is completely revolutionizing the way women approach their business through their period cycle.

Brittany’s fascination with Cyclical Living started when she struggled coming off birth control at a young age. This led to her study of Holistic Nutrition and diving into Whole Food Culinary education to heal her body when she was 22. After rediscovering the potent teachings of her cycle, and the depth of power and trust that came from reclaiming her feminine nature, she began sharing this with other women in business.

How did she scale a business with both alignment & strategy? Her cycle.

Cyclical Living is an intuitive & structured method for female entrepreneurs who desire to step into a deeper space of leadership by connecting to her period cycle. It’s about working in a way that’s more efficient because it's about working with your natural rhythm rather than against it.

Cycle Your Business Academy

✗ No more pushing against your energy

✗ No more working when you’d rather be at home relaxing

✗ No more self judgement for not being on your A game allll the time

✗ No more dealing with period pain as if it’s just a normal thing

✗ No more fatigue, emotional roller coasters, PMS, and other symptoms that tend to chronically show up (FYI - these are just parts of you that have been calling out for attention.)

✗ No more insecurity and stress about your ability to sustain the success you know you are here to create


Once you understand how to track your unique rhythm, you’ll be able to predict how you’re going to feel during different points of the month.

This will allow you to create a profoundly effective schedule where you can match your cycle with your launches and client bookings!

This is for you if:

You are an entrepreneur who is ready to stop hustling her way to success and start embodying her true feminine powers.

You are ready to create more freedom, have more presence with your family, and deepen your connection with yourself because you understand it is the secret to true success and fulfilment.

You’re ready to dive into your cycle and peel back the layers one month at a time.

You want a deeper experience than tracking by yourself and trying to interpret the DIY way. 

You want to start working with your cycle in a community setting (Yay to soul cycle sisters!)

 You want to know what tasks to schedule when in a simple format for easy implementation.

You want on-going support, guidance & accountability for the whole process of syncing your cycle with your business!


This is NOT for you if:

You aren't open to exploring & healing your period history.

You aren’t ready to leave the type A mentality.

You don't want to put in the intentional work to understand yourself & your cycle.

You’re just starting your business and are overwhelmed with all of the new learning.

You haven't taken any personal development / healing work in the past.

You aren't willing to shift your calendar.

Join us inside Cycle Your Business Academy and see your business transcend to its next level by scheduling it all in alignment with your innate feminine cycle. 


+ 6 Part framework for Syncing Your Business To Your Period $700

+ Our signature Cycle Syncing Business Management System that integrates with your calendar $800

+ How to track your cycle for your business $300

+ What tasks are meant for each phase $297

+ Practices to reclaim, heal & improve your cyclical health $397

+ Audio lessons & meditations to connect & integrate a deeper awareness $297


Total Value $2500
You Pay $497

Pay in Full


(valued over $2500)

+ Cycle Your Business Framework (6 Modules)

+ Cycle System to sync with your calendar

+ 1 Hormone Health Training COMING SOON

+ 1 Cosmic Copywriting Masterclass

+ Updates & Lifetime Access

Yes, I'm In

She is amazing! When we first met and I found out what she did I knew deep down this was someone I was going to work with at some point on my journey. When that opportunity came I jumped on it and knew immediately after we started that I made the right choice. She brings a very welcoming energy and environment and an intuitive creative energy to the process. She has helped open up a lot of doors in my mind about the way a business can be run that is very different from the norm.

— Lindsay Warne, Yoga Teacher and CEO of Mindful Living Movement


Frequently Asked Questions

We truly believe the power of this works when you aren't trying to figure out your offers, product suite, and how to run your business. If you feel confident that you have the foundations built & you're making full time income- this will still be beneficial for you. 

Totally understand and although your cycle might not be consistent or you have chosen to be on birth control, this work still applies to you. We have a training on how to implement this workflow into your business schedule through using the moon phases.

You will receive all trainings in a log in area.

We do not accept refunds, exchanges, or transfers.

If you want to dive into a 1:1 experience email [email protected]


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