You notice your energy changes throughout the month.


Moments before your cycle arrives your energy drops & all you crave is relax in your sacred space & have no commitments.

Yet, there is this voice saying “no show up.” Or “what about x,y,z...”



Welcome to our Period Cycle.

And, we are here to invite you into our foundations course:


Cycle Tracking for Women Entrepreneurs


The 101 to understanding your cycle & how to begin working with your cycle in business.


For more energy.

Less guilt & shame.

More creativity.

Less pushing to do #allthethings

More productivity.

And less working against your natural rhythm.

Begin today for $27 (Reg $97)

Like the seasons, women work in cycles.


Think about it, it’s not Spring all year round. Though we’ve been taught to believe we need to be bright, shiny, and growing all the time - that’s not how nature works. The leaves must fall, rest must be had, and the inevitable ‘winter’ must come. 


Over here we believe life & business gets to be easier. That it’s time to admit the go-go-go mentality is no longer a sustainable way of living. 

(Don’t worry, it’s safe to say that here.)


Are you ready to master your cyclical nature and work with the 4 phases of your period cycle rather than against them in your business?

Cyclical Living: The Foundations is the first step to transforming your cycle from…

No Connection

Lack of Awareness

Limits of the Finite Mind

Painful periods

Fluctuating Energy

A to-do list from the mind.


Understanding & Acceptance

Electricity in your Content Creation

Magnetic Marketing from BEING

Smooth and graceful periods

Everlasting Energy

& more productivity based off your natural energy.

I'm So In!

This is a reclamation of your cycle.

A guide to help you interpret what your cycle is telling you so you can begin to craft your schedule and leverage the superpowers of each phase in your business.



Become part of the movement and join women around the world who are waking up to the mystery and magic of their cyclic nature. 

There are two types of women - Which one are you?


Our society has been built off the masculine structure.
Get up.
Go to sleep.
And don’t stop striving until you’ve reached consistent peak performance.


Living through the finite mind.


But women are vast. 

And beautiful. 

We ebb and flow like peaks and valleys throughout the month. We were designed differently, and it’s time to embrace that.

Our cycle, its INFINITE!



Lean into your cycle,
to leverage your own natural rhythms and finally
toss out the linear way of doing business.


I’m in. Show me the way.

I'm IN

Welcome to Cyclical Living: The Foundations

Your cycle, carries infinite energy, creation, and magnetism. 


Because what if you could actually be MORE productive & electric if you stopped trying to run your business from the mind?

It’s time to:

✓ Choose a new way of being

✓ Say yes to feminine rhythms

✓ And leverage the energy of each phase so you can build your empire out of deep connection and fulfillment.

You’re in the right place.
You landed here for a reason.
And you know it’s time to do things differently.


You’re so over feeling like: 

✗ You need to be ‘On’ 100% of the time

✗ The only way to build a profitable business is with constant performance

✗ You need to be working when you rather be home relaxing

✗ You’re always judging yourself for not always being on your A game

✗ Painful periods, fatigue, energy roller coasters, PMS, and other symptoms you’ve been taught to believe are normal - are just a way of life. 

Cyclical Living is a sacred method for female entrepreneurs.

Helping women just like you acknowledge their cycle, understand it, and bring it into their business to experience more fulfillment, productivity , more profits, joy, and connection.

We’re carving a new way in the world for women in business by bridging the gap between hormone health and entrepreneurship and committing to inspire and empower women all over the world to shift the way they operate day to day and return to their cyclical nature


This is a reclamation.
This is Cyclical Living.

A space to remember your superpowers and the inherent mystery and magic that lives within you

through the 4 phases of your cycle.

Because imagine being able to map out your business and life to sync with your cycle so you have energy for ALL the things. 

Imagine feeling powerful. And connected. And beautiful. Throughout every phase of your cycle. Imagine finally understanding why you feel the way you do on any given day.

 Welcome to: The Foundations


What Awaits: 

Video on How & Why to Cycle Track

Soundscape Practice to unlock your Initiation Story

PDF questions about your first bleed to explore the story you've been carrying

3 Months of Cycle Tracking Sheets
Downloadable PDF’s for you to print out or use right on your desktop.

4 PDF work books that cover the basics of each phase including themes, foods to eat, correspondence with the seasons, and how to specifically use this energy

And, exclusive access to our Hormone & Cycle Tracking Course For Female Entrepreneurs!

Start today for only $27 (regularly $97)

Cyclical living has been an absolute game-changer for me in business and in elevating my well-being. My cycle was always pretty good, but with new awareness and a little adjusting, I have it even better! My skin is clear. My energy is high. I am resting and rejuvenating more and have the clarity to move through my days with greater ease and flow. My whole month is fuelled by happiness! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Rosalie , Founder of At One Wellness

The Foundations

Everything you need to know to start understanding your cycle. 
How to begin mapping it out so you can live in alignment with your inner rhythms.
What each phase represents and what to expect.
And ways to balance it through food, thoughts, activities, and seasons!
I'm In!

This is for you:

+ You own a business and desire more energy, workflow, and rest throughout the month

+ You’re open to making changes in your daily life and how you approach your business

+ You’re willing to take the time to ‘cycle map’ in order to receive the full benefits of understanding your cycle

+ You want to learn more about your cycle, yourself and your hormone health


This is not for you:


+ You aren't open to a natural and holistic approach

+ You want quick overnight success

+ You’re not willing to try something new

+ You want someone else to fix all of your problems

+ You feel weird talking about vaginas and women's health




Take Action Today

Unlock your cyclical wisdom and begin experiencing more energy and success in your business by syncing it with your cycle.

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