Knowledge to Profit

A 90 Day Business Alchemy School + Kundalini Experience that bridges intuition & flow with systems & structure to support you in building your Sacred Empire online. 


Because it’s time you get paid.

For the knowledge you already have. 

Access six figure wealth codes.

And work from anywhere.

I believe in you. 

Let’s do this.

Bless, yesssss!

You know you carry something powerful. And you’ve seen the potential of what a digital business can provide. Your need for travel runs through your blood and you’re often fantasizing about your next adventure. 

You’re a little bit rebellious. You’re already rooted in your soul practices. You’ve got a deep appreciation for a sassy sense of humour, and you’re ready for that full-freedom-lifestyle that includes a lot of luxury experiences.

You want the best of the best. The whole organic foods. The highest quality essential oils. The thousand count bed sheets. And you know in your core that you get to be both spiritual and wealthy at the same time. 

Your environment is really important to you. Especially your work environment. You want it to feel sacred. And nourishing. And inspiring. You’ve been working a lot on yourself and remembering who you are by really exploring the depths of your being.

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But you’re ready now. To take your life to the next level by building a magnetic online business. So you can do you. From wherever you choose.

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Cause you want to...

  • Have a business that supports your natural rhythms and allows you to follow your intuition.
  • Drink coffee, go to yoga, and nap in the middle of the afternoon.
  • Really tap into that receiving frequency and be highly compensated for the work you do.
  • Never again have to work when you have your period. And maybe even work in alignment with the cycles of the moon if that’s your thing.
  • Drink margaritas or your fave herbal tonic in the middle of the day.
  • Make money while you’re out there living your life.
  • And most of all. You want a business that’s set up for your future kids and the family life you really want.


Welcome to: Knowledge to Profit

A Business Alchemy School about choosing the path of least resistance. Designing a scalable and spiritually fulfilling business onlinebased on the knowledge you already have.

Cause guess what. I bet that all that knowledge stored up there in that pretty little head of yours is sooo natural, that you think everyone knows this stuff. Well I’m here to tell you girl. They defs do not. And that’s why your people need you. 


How would it feel to….

  • Have total clarity on how to take your business idea and channel it down into this physical material world?

  • Work from anywhere?

  • Be paid amazing money for all that knowledge you already have?

  • And have a business where YOU decide how much you make?

Imagine... 90 days from now being a totally unlevelled version of yourself and on your way to that dreamy, six-figure lifestyle you desire. 

Knowledge To Profit is for you if:

  • You desire a truly freedom based business that’s aligned with your own natural rhythms 

  • You want to stop fearing the future and completely reclaim all of who you are

  • You want to be highly compensated for what you do

  • You want to feel confident and trust that you know where you’re going 

  • You want a simple step by step solution to release the overwhelm of starting or expanding your online business 

  • You’re ready to scale so you can serve more people and create limitless income sources


You’re craving that supportive and structured masculine energy. But you don’t want to feel like you’re doing business in a way that takes you out of your feminine. You want even the most mundane tasks to feel pleasurable.

Knowledge To Profit Includes: Everything from strategy, mindset, social media, email marketing, launching, packaging, pricing AND my most potent secret of all. Kundalini.


Why Kundalini?

Kundalini is a full body experience that helps us move through our blocks and limitations with sound, breath, and movement. AND It's a crazy wealth expander!

When people ask me, what's one thing I do during my launches, I always tell them - I double down on my Kundalini practice. It really is the energetic strategy behind my biz, and it’s what has got me to where I am today. 

Knowledge to Profit is a Business Alchemy School mixed with equal parts structure & magic. A systematic container for all that divine feminine flow, so that you can stay aligned, supported, inspired, powerful and focused all at the same time.

What's Inside Knowledge to Profit?


* Full Access to ALL Content Immediately*

πŸŒ™ 6 Hours of Prerecorded Kundalini Practices for you to follow along with (over 12 videos / 20 minutes each)

πŸŒ™ 20 + Hours of business building practices (the step by step how)

πŸŒ™ 6 x 10 Minute videos of personal growth practices for entrepreneurs

πŸŒ™ A collection of beautiful workbooks to keep you on track with each lesson

πŸŒ™ Spreadsheets to track and grow your Sacred Empire

πŸŒ™ The Business Alchemy Launch & Scaling Method

πŸŒ™ Bonus Online Business Building Activities with Soul


In Knowledge To Profit you’ll learn how to:

How to apply the step by step process to a online business

Apply spiritual teachings to conquer limiting beliefs

Vibrate on a new money frequency

Live a life of freedom

Launch without burn out

Sell with confidence and ease

Simple tech

Scale without a busy schedule

I’m walking you through the step by step systems & strategy of spiritually aligned business so you’ll have a totally fulfilling online biz with just the right branding to attract your dream clients, and start to see sales come in when you’re out living your life!

Not sure if it will work for you? Chat with Brittany here.


Hear what Janine has to say about KTP:

"KTP really gave me all of the pieces to the puzzle. All of questions were answered and KTP took the stress away of "how am I meant to do this?"

+ She finally has a road map in her business
+ feels confident with sales conversations
+ understands her client and how to serve them
+ no more overwhelm or confusion 
+ no more questions, its all in there!
+ Calling in clients, and loves social media!

"I would absolutely recommend KTP for anyone starting their business, or struggling with how to navigate the different pieces in business."- Janine


Hear what Leah Says about KTP:

+ Clarity, bringing out the knowledge I did have.
+ Detailed steps to follow from idea to fully launched business
+ Steps are easy for a momma!
+ Finally have the business I LOVE
+ Committed to her personal and spiritual growth
+ booked out and more leads coming in regularly!!!

"It's all you need to start a successful business. Do it." - Leah


 Join Knowledge to Profit:

The 90 Day Business Alchemy School & Kundalini Experience that bridges the Feminine Energy of intuition & flow with the Masculine Energy of systems & structure to build your Sacred Empire Online.

Payment in Full

Reg $1932

Everything plus lifetime access and upgrades!!


4 Monthly Payments


Everything plus lifetime access and upgrades!!


12 Monthly Payments


Everything plus lifetime access and upgrades!


Hi, I’m so grateful to have you here. And wherever you are on your journey right now I just want you to know that I see you. I believe in you. And you are SO worth this visionary life you’ve been imagining. 

I’m here to remind you that YOU get to choose what your life looks and feels like. And no matter what chapter of your life you’re in. I’m here to help you design a business you’re obsessed with. 

Over the last 5+ years I’ve been able to work from anywhere. But this idea was something I sat on for over 3 years before I actually started. Before I took my business full-time I had a passion project that filled my bank account but nowhere near secure enough to sustain and create a life of opportunity.

I’ve been where you are. I was confused at times. Uncertain. And worried it wasn’t possible for me to create my dream lifestyle. Because I simply didn’t know the HOW.

Fast forward 5 years now and I’m an Online Business Coach, Kundalini Teacher, and Podcast Host of the How to B Podcast.

I teach entrepreneurs how to start and scale their businesses online through strategy and energetic mastery so they can experience more impact, sales, and freedom. I want you to create more money, have more time, connect with yourself on a deeper level, and be confident with your offers and charge what you desire! #itsavibe

As a successful online business coach, I will help you clear the brain fog around turning your knowledge into profit and give you the step by step process to be paid for all of your knowledge! 

You are ready? will you walk this journey with me?

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Hear what Kim has to say about working with Brittany!!

She removed the "One day 'X' " to "TODAY" and began her journey of building a business and life that supported her desires.

Update: She has traveled all over north america, taught at a bucket list place in mexico, lived in BC, and continues to grow her online business and programs with ease!

- Kim

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She is amazing! When we first met and I found out what she did I knew deep down this was someone I was going to work with at some point on my journey. When that opportunity came I jumped on it and knew immediately after we started that I made the right choice. She brings a very welcoming energy and environment and an intuitive creative energy to the process. She has helped open up a lot of doors in my mind about the way a business can be run that is very different from the norm.

— Lindsay Warne, Yoga Teacher and CEO of Mindful Living Movement


Join Knowledge to Profit:

The 90 Day Business Alchemy School & Kundalini Experience that bridges the Feminine Energy of intuition & flow with the Masculine Energy of systems & structure to build your Sacred Empire Online.

Payment in Full

Reg $1932

Everything plus lifetime access and upgrades!!


4 Monthly Payments


Everything plus lifetime access and upgrades!!


12 Monthly Payments


Everything plus lifetime access and upgrades!


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