Knowledge to Profit:

From Clients to Courses

A simple , predictable, and scalable way of selling your own course on autopilot.




You wake up in the morning, get ready for the day, finished up your morning practice and look at you phone.

One notifications after the other have rolled in while you slept.

Payment after payment of dreamy clients saying yes to you course.

You cracked the REAL time freedom code of having an online business with courses.

Your calendar is free for the day to create, live out your life, take a mid day nap or workout, and choose whatever else your heart desire.

Welcome to the 1:MANY model.


Your golden ticket to have more time while making more money.

With one-on -one guidance and group support, you've found a safe place to dig deep, finally launch your course, and sell it on autopilot.


Knowledge to Profit: From Clients to Courses


Learn how to take the knowledge and expertise you already have and turn it into a profitable course that sells effortlessly.

I'll teach you how to:

  • Determine what piece of knowledge and expertise is the most profitable

  • Grow a hot audience that is ready to buy (free & paid)
  • Sell you course every month on autopilot

And ultimately...

Stop trading all of your time for money and have the space to nurture yourself like never before.


As women, we have different energy levels as we move throughout our cycle…


Yet the way business is traditionally designed, we have to push through even  when our energy is low…. show up when we want to go inward….and be ON all the time.


But it is time to change all of that and design a sustainable business model that honors your natural energy cycles and gives you the time and freedom to decide how you want to spend your time!


Welcome to:


FROM CLIENT TO COURSES!  A step-by-step guide to creating consistent and scalable income automatically…. so that you can make money while you rest, play, create, connect or do what feels good for you!

Get my exact framework that will help you identify an income generating course topic and build it out with ease, even if you aren’t sure you even have knowledge to sell.

 Learn my simple and low cost way of setting up your course to sell on autopilot & have raving reviews flooding in right away. 

 Learn live launches, evergreen, and making money in your sleep with our easy funnel set up. With spreadsheets and organizing for tracking and scaling!  No more depleting your energy when marketing and selling!

 Templates, templates, templates!  Plug and play templates for everything from creating your course to selling it out!

    •  Templates for social media selling

    • Templates for building, connecting and inviting your email list to your course.

    • Templates for creating a masterclass or webinar

    • Templates for building your course.

 Scale without the tech overwhelm. I will walk you through how to set everything up to allow automation to support you. Experience less work management and more space to relax and work on sharing with your audience.

 Mindset practices and tools to use that every course creator goes through! Mitigate your fears that no one will buy, worries that people will get bored of your course, and remove doubt that it is really possible to wake up to sales!  Step into an energy of deep belief in what you have to offer and watch the sales come in!


** Purchase this Upgrade Below*


You will be able to ask all of your questions that come up while you're creating and launching you course to then turn autopilot.

This is your accountability to turning your "one day I will sell a course" to today is day one - let's do this!!

We will overcome any doubts that pop up, audit and refine the data you have collected (new or existing), and any unique tweaks to support your individual business.


I'm Totally In!!!


In 2016 I sold my first program that I turned into an evergreen course. I remember walking across the street with a fresh coffee and "ping" my phone went off. A notification of a website sale- aka my first passive course sale.

Fast forward to 2018 I launched my first signature money mindset course that now has over 11,310 students inside.

At first what stopped me was the tech, wondering if people would buy a self study course from me, and then wondering and feeling overwhelmed with how I would scale it. 

After many launches (successful and flopped) I am here to share my secrets with you around selling in a simple, repeatable way that feels exciting and alive, even after 5 years.

There is nothing more powerful than seeing my calendar transform from being booked with 1:1 calls with clients to A LOT of white space while making 5X more than working 1:1. Now, I am here to teach you how to do the same!

"I worked with over 100 people in my first year of business. Turning what I taught my 1:1’s into a signature course." 

- Lyndsay M. 

"KTP really gave me all of the pieces to the puzzle. All of questions were answered and KTP took the stress away of "how am I meant to do this?"

Janine C.

Yes to Sales on Autopilot



Have you ever craved more time in your day? 

Your work is transformational and you want to get it in the hands of thousands of people around the globe. 

Yet, no matter how hard you work, you are always feel behind or confused on how to make it possible?

If so, then Knowledge to Profit: From Clients to Courses is for you.

I will help you finally identify your course topic, launch it into the world, and start making more money in less time while sky rocketing your impact in the world... and well add a lot more white space onto your calendar to CHOOSE whatever you would like to do.


Total value of this program without any 1-1 coaching is over $5000.

….but for a limited time only, you get the live version and lifetime access to the whole course for just $2247!


$450 USD

6 Monthly Payments

  • Entire Program
  • Templates, spreadsheets, and more
  • Lifetime Access


$2247 USD

  • Entire Program
  • Templates, spreadsheets, and more
  • Lifetime Access


$3900 USD

Program + 4 Months of Coaching

  • Entire Program
  • Access to 4 months of weekly live Q&A sessions
  • Templates, spreadsheets, and more
  • Lifetime Access
  • Live text support & marketing/launch feedback

Click Here:Payment Plan $780 USD /month 

Pay in Full

Whether you want to never see another 1:1 client again or simply bring in a new revenue stream into your already growing business. Knowledge to Profit: From Clients to Courses is your answer!


This program will take you from….


❌ waking up to a fully booked calendar feeling overwhelmed and resentful towards your clients because today you just don’t have the energy to show up but you have too.


❌ stressing every month about making ends meet in your business and constantly hustling and grinding for a sale.


❌ feeling restricted or guilty for taking time off work knowing that your income will drop off or you’ll have to work twice as hard when you are back to make up for being gone.


❌  drawing from an already empty cup and lack of energy and pushing yourself to burnout




✅ A calendar full of white space that allows you to honour your cyclical energy, take time to rest, play, create, or just be.  


✅ A bank account with consistent income flowing in that is more easy to scale without putting in double the time and effort.


✅ A system and structure that honours your unique energy and flows with your cyclical and natural nature of being a women.  


✅The feeling and validation of making a huge impact on others sharing your knowledge and helping them overcome their struggles and gain their desires.  


You don’t need to show up 24-7 to your business.  You don’t need be on social media every day unless you want to.  You don’t need to spend thousands of hours working 1-1 when you can impact many more with a course all while being able to honour your energy levels.


With From Clients To Courses, you will learn simple and proven strategies to take your knowledge, turn it into a course that will impact others, and sell it on autopilot.

How to Sign Up:


If you are thinking this sounds too good to be true, I promise, it’s not!

Here’s the thing, for too long, we’ve been told that:

+ Success in business means showing up consistently, 

+ You have to hustle and grind to get clients,

+ Burn the midnight oil, work exhausted, put your clients needs before your own.


I want to show you that there is another way.  


A path forward that aligns better with your natural energy cycle and desire for more white space and freedom to choose how you want to spend your time.  


I want to show you simple systems and structures that are profitable AND allow you to ebb and flow with your natural rhythm and cyclical nature.


It has allowed me to honor my own cyclical nature ( I take my bleed week completely off every month!), impact others in a big way, create the freedom and flexibility that I desired in my life, and the security of a consistent income that I have been able to scale in an incredible way!



⏰ Time is of the essence here…⏰



This is the only time you will be able to access this course live and for this discounted price.  Once it expires, you won’t be able to access it again!


This is truly a limited offer so claim your spot here:

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