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$7 Decode Your Cycle Guide, know when there is an imbalance that will keep you from experiencing the true powers of your cyclical nature & how to begin to heal.

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The Foundations: Tap into the power of your period for your business (and life).

Over here we believe business (and life) gets to be easier. That it’s time for women to admit the push and struggle and go-go-go mentality is no longer a sustainable way of growing our empires.

That the power of our period is where the key to business success with burnout lies.

We know how you feel… 

You don’t want to spend another month dreading your period knowing that it negatively affects your ability to focus and get work done.  

You don’t want to feel guilty or ashamed anymore when you simply don’t have the energy to show up to clients and to your business the way you need to meet commitments.  

You’re sick of living this go-go-go, produce, produce, produce lifestyle when you know it isn’t sustainable but you have so much to do.

You don’t want a schedule where you have to show up when you don’t feel like it (without the fear of judgment of others or internal performance expectations)

You’d love to continue growing your business, but in a way that’s focused on your own energy and self trust rather than the latest entrepreneurial trend

You'll get access to:

  • Video on how and why to cycle track that will change the way you see your period forever!
  • Soundscape practices and powerful questions  to unlock your period initiation story so that you can unravel the negativity around it and embrace it for all its power and wisdom.
  • 3 months of cycle tracking sheets so that you can see patterns and learn what your body and energy is telling you and use this knowledge to align your feminine power in your business. 
  • 4 PDF work books that cover the basics of each phase including themes, foods to eat, correspondence with the seasons, and how to specifically use this energy in your business to maximize your clarity and productivity.

Break free from the 24 hour masculine way of doing business and instead leverage your natural feminine rhythm and monthly cycle.

Because what if you could actually be MORE productive if you stopped trying to run your business like a man?

It’s time to:

✓ Choose a new way of being

✓ Say yes to feminine rhythms

✓ And leverage the energy of each phase so you can build your empire out of deep connection and fulfillment.