Increase your Earning Potential by Syncing with Your Cycle

Uncategorized Sep 09, 2020

Increase your Earning Potential by Syncing with your Innate Cycle

Biz babes I understand, you're constantly on the look for the next strategy, the next launch, the ‘do it all’ method, to take your income and business to the next level. Yet, you feel inside there is something missing or your feeling the struggle of ‘doing’ when your body is asking to rest. Perhaps you have no clue, but you're here reading! Have you ever questioned where am I in my cycle? You know, the one we receive every month! The Period!


Self-care and embarking on a path of personal development are trending in the world of entrepreneurship because IT WORKS! Businesses are finding they are feeling more enjoyment in their work, have less stress, increase their income and sales effortlessly, and positive mental health.


But….. we as women are still following the path and linear system that is working against us. We aren’t listening to the medicine that sits between our legs. We’ve been taught that our moon time is supposed to be painful, emotional, and ‘dirty’. Now, that's what society has taught us. With billboards and lack of conversations, this has torn us away from our more natural state of being and at the core our confidence as a womxn.


What if your cycle wasn’t painful, uncomfortable, and dirty? I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be like this.


What if you listened to your bodies messages and synced your business with your cycle to experience more ease? More cash flow? More focus? More creation?


Lara Briden, a New Zealand Naturopathic doctor and period revolutionary says our moon time (aka period) is like a report we receive every month. A check-in point to see how we have been dealing with stress, taking care of ourselves, and the imbalances. She believes nearly all PMS symptoms can be healed naturally through lifestyle, nutrition, and our mindset. (This book changed my life! )


Think of your cycle as the map of your very own unique path to success. So my lady friend, what if you started to implement and schedule your business flow around your cycle? After all, you are in control of your schedule as a biz babe! Let's give it a try!


3 Ways to Sync your Cycle to Increase your Earning Potential:


1. First 2 weeks after your bleed: This is a great time to strategize, create launches, finalize contracts, sell baby sell! The natural increase of hormones after our cycle will increase our energy to get it all done. You’ll have focus and a clear vision. Have a lot on your list? This is the time! You are overflowing with momentum to plan out and execute the next goal… with ease!


2. Ovulation: Hello magnetic energy. Booking speaking gigs and community events around this time will be delicious. You are a natural radiant magnet that will attract all of the eyes. Your words will come out naturally and within resonance along with attracting those clients for your services or increase your community to launch your paid offerings too down the road.


3. Cycle time aka the bleed: First day at home resting. If you can the whole time your bleed at home resting is pure gold for your business. This time is great for journeying, reflecting, sleeping a little longer, spending time in nature, relaxing and nurturing your soul. Try meditation and write down the medicine that is coming through. A potent time to receive the solutions and guidance for the next cycle to come.


How does this relate to money? Money is energy and when we are harnessing this power we innately have within us we can easily move through the seasons of business, call in the clients, and scale with the next launch in sync with ourselves. After all, your energy is the foundation behind the business and when you are in sync there is space for money to come in. Money comes in more fluidly when were in sync.


To dive deeper, work with the lunar cycles and your cycle. We no longer have to hustle and work against the grain to get ahead. Find the path with least resistance and follow the energetic one of the planets and your cycle. You will experience more success, more money, more focus, more aligned, and overall more joy!


Your next level of income and success lies between your legs. Stop hustling and trying to do it all when your body is asking to rest. Harness this super power you were gifted and chase your dreams! Well with this work your dreams will come flowing to you. You will never have to reach outside of you again.


Looking to learn more, have some questions? Never hesitate to reach out to [email protected] and let's talk about this space, your business, and how we can amp up your superpowers!


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